Perfectly Aligned Wheels At Our RAC Approved Garage for Wheel Alignment In Kilmarnock

Our workshop in Kilmarnock uses excellent wheel alignment equipment, allowing us to accurately set your wheels to the optimal position. The alignment of your wheels can be thrown out for a variety of reasons. Commonly, this can happen after a sudden or heavy impact hitting the tyres such as a pothole, curb or collision.

Reduce Tyre Wear And Improve Vehicle Handling

At LM Motor Clinic, we offer superb wheel alignment inspections and alignment services, providing the very best service possible for our customers in Kilmarnock. A four-wheel alignment inspection can also act as a health check for your vehicleโ€™s suspension, so it should be part of your regular service schedule. A comprehensive four-wheel alignment check will reduce tyre wear and improve your carโ€™s handling.

How Can I Tell If My Wheels Are Misaligned?

Some symptoms of misaligned wheels could include:
If you notice any of these symptoms, a professional must take a look at your vehicle. Once we have taken the necessary measurements, we can then set them to their correct position, eliminating the symptoms associated with misaligned wheels. Call now for a free quote on 01563 61 41 21.
A vehicle having its wheels aligned - Wheel Alignment Kilmarnock