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We Are An RAC Approved Service Garage Serving Kilmarnock

At LM Motor Clinic, we believe regular car servicing in Kilmarnock is very important in keeping your car well-maintained. Servicing proactively maintains your car, reducing the risk of a breakdown. Even if it is irregular, it can help maintain your carโ€™s value, as well as benefit from better fuel efficiency, performance and a smoother drive.
We are an approved RAC car service garage in Kilmarnock, so you can always count on us for top-quality service and maintenance.
All our prices are fixed and are based upon a thorough analysis of the service required. As well as providing minor repair solutions, we strive to provide you with the highest standards of services at all times.
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Looking For an RAC-Approved Car Servicing Garage in Kilmarnock?

With many garages in Kilmarnock, it isnโ€™t straightforward to find a garage that you can trust. RAC-approved and accredited car garages are held to an incredibly high standard, which is why we believe we stand out from the rest here at LM Motor Clinic.
We are proud to be RAC-approved. As well as offering unique products, including MOT work, we also provide a multitude of services for all of your car maintenance and service needs. As an RAC-accredited garage, you can expect the following:

What We Can Offer Our Customers

Oil Change
The Oil Change is another service that is used for customers who cover a considerable amount of mileage in a short space of time. It helps to protect and prolong the engine life by keeping the internal moving components of your engine clean and lubricated and by also keeping dirt and debris from building up, as this can damage parts of your engine. The better the quality of your oil, the cleaner your engine and the longer it will last.
Silver Service
This type of service is designed for the high mileage vehicle user or for vehicles that require regular checks. We will test all the main parts that may need attention over a short period. An interim service offers you the majority of the checks a full service does, minus a few adjustments and replacements.
Gold Service
It is highly recommended that you service your vehicle once a year or every ten thousand miles (depending on your previous service history and manufacturer’s requirements). We will perform a full check of your vehicle’s components and perform any maintenance that may be required, whether it be level top-ups or filter replacements.